Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 10: Card models

For many years I maintained a Trek in Paper website which was never up to date and this year went down with the Geocities ship. In an attempt to get around the problem of continually trying to keep things up to date, I started a Yahoo Group "Star Trek Paper Models" which gets infrequent updates of Trek models as they pop up. Andreas Lange has done sterling work keeping a similar list on the German "Kartonmodell-Forum". However there is still a need for a periodically updated listing, not least to keep track of what is no longer available on the internet. Today's present is an archive of links to Free - yes FREE! - Paper Models of Star Trek Spacecraft, arranged by subject and chronological order, to form a "Virtual Museum" of the Star Trek Universe.

Over the years there have been a number of websites, message boards and forums that have catered for card modellers, which you will see popping up in the listings, but two names and their work stand out: Mike Hungerford, the driving force behind the Papermodels II Google Group and its earlier incarnation on the now defunct Smartgroups, and Jon Leslie, whose Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center, has become a home for a diverse range of fictional and real craft.

It is considered to be bad form to link directly to a download file or page, especially since these models are all hosted for free. In general I have tried to link to the main page so that you can navigate to the download, hopefully taking the time to appreciate the designer's other work along the way.

Some sites, particularly the Zealots forum require that you register before being able to download models, quite a reasonable request. Have fun searching for a model that interests you and if you make it, take the time to drop a line to the designer with a comment - they are hungry for feedback to know if they have got it right!

Nomad probe (2002 – 2267)
Venture Star X-33 RLV
SS Botany Bay DY-100 class

Enterprise NX-01
Columbia NX-02
Surak class (Vulcan)
Klingon Raptor
Delta-type Warp Vessel
Romulan Bird of Prey (ENT)

USS Essex, Daedalus Class
USS Daedalus NCC-150, Daedalus class

USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Constitution Class (2220 – 2266)
  • Model of Galileo II (1:30) by Jörg Stammen available on
  • USS Intrepid NCC 1631, Constitution class (2267 – 2268)
    USS Xerxes, Saladin Class Scout
    Klingon D7 K'Tinga class Cruiser
    Romulan Scout
    Tholian Webspinner / SS Aurora
    SS Brisbane (Aurora Class)
    Space Station K-7 (1:1700)
    Romulan Bird of Prey, TOS
    • Model by OylPslyk available on The Zealots Forum
    • Model by Marc Robitaille available on The Zealots Forum
    • Model by Horissman available on sci-fi paper models his website

    USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A, Constitution/Enterprise Class (2268 - 2291)
    USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A, Constitution/Enterprise Class (2268 - 2291) "Workbee"
    USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B, Excelsior Class II
    USS Excelsior NX-2000
    USS Excelsior NCC-2000 (re-modelled)
    USS Grissom, NCC-638 (Oberth class)
    USS Majestic NCC-31060, Miranda class
    USS Jenolan, Sydney Class
    USS Nelson, Resilient Class
    USS Reliant NCC 1864, Miranda class
    USS Xerxes NCC-505 Refit (Saladin class)
    SpaceDock Travelpod
    Starbase "Ournal"
    Klingon Bird Of Prey
    Vulcan Warp shuttle "Surak"

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